Best estimation of a node position taking into consideration the economic viability of a wireless sensor

(via), An interesting idea for building effective LBS/positioning services is developed by Jagoba Arias Pérezfrom University of the Basque Country in Bilabo. As described on his webpage:

each node has to have very low costs, both in its design and in its production. The most important advantage of this type of network is that of duplication: with so many sensors participating in the operation of the network, if one fails, another will fulfil the function until the failed item can be replaced.(...) a new algorithm for finding the position of the nodes is put forward and developed. To this end, the distances separating the nodes are utilised. However, given that each sensor has to be very economic, the quality of measurement of these distances is not expected to be high and, consequently, location errors appear. Thus, the algorithm proposed here attempts to calculate the best estimate of the node position, in the knowledge that the distances involved have errors.

This will hence enable each node to automatically compute its own location and then aid in fixing a position.