Computer Supported Collaborative Work course at EPFL (2005-2006)

I am currently working on the web platform for the course we gave (with Pierre) about Computer Supported Collaborative Work. The syllabus as well as the project step are described here. There is a guest account to visit the website, you just have to click on the guest access.

The goal of this course is that students become able to analyze the impact of a computer-supported collaborative environment. This requires constructing an experiment and analyzing team interactions with both qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques. This will be done through the design of an interactive table meant to support collaboration among small groups of users.

Each Tuesday, the course will be divided in a lecture phase and a project phase. Students will work in teams to apply the concepts and method related to the interactive table project. The presentation and discussion about projects' deliverable will also occupy a small part of the class period.

This year too, we choose a project based on interactive furnitures: student will have to design a simple prototypes and then to analyse how people collaborate while using it.