Laptops in wooden logs

The Owl Project (Simon Blackmore, Antony Hall)is a band from Manchester who plays laptops in wooden logs at Emergence, a french arty event:

They developed the log1k, a wooded laptop described as: "' The all-new Log1k® is here. And it's unlike anything you've seen or experienced. With a brilliant flat-panel display and phenomenal performance, Log1k® is the first computer built from the ground up to be the ultimate hub for the owl project lifestyle. Its time to log on...'

The Log1k® was designed and constructed by the Owl Project. They have been using the Log1k® to perform their own brand of electronica, which combines electro-magnetic fields and signals to produce complex beats and ambient sound.

' Down-to-earth ease of use. Out-of-this-world performance and looks. Log1k® is great in the home or the forest. '"

Usable in trains too, and of course there is the more portable version: the iLog (on the right)