'Table de synchronisation'

(via) At the Paris FIAC 2005 there is this intriguing and somehow fascinatin table called 'Table de synchronisation', a project by Suchan Kinoshita (more about the project on his galery's website):

Suchan Kinoshita who grew up in Japan emigrated to Cologne at the age of twenty in order to pursue a musical education at the institute where the contemporary composer Maurizio Kagel was teaching. Later, she worked for a theatre company in which members alternately assumed the role of actor, stage designer and director. Therefore, it is no coincidence that her work can be situated in many fringe areas: inside or outside the walls of the exhibition, with or without an active input by the public, recognisable as a work of art or camouflaged as such. For Ravenstein Galleries she create a specific environment, a "dépot de mots" like a storage and a table of sounds like a sound kitchen.

Why do I blog this? I like the concept of a 'sound kitchen' and they was it's represented is so weird that I find it cool.

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