NordiCHI in Oslo, fall 2006

NordiCHI Oslo, Norway, October 14-18, 2006.

The Fourth Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: "Changing Roles" NordiCHI is the main Nordic forum for human-computer interaction research. NordiCHI is the meeting place for researchers from academia and industry, designers, practitioners, educators and others from a broad range of traditions and communities. (...) Traditionally, Nordic perspectives on HCI emphasise topics such as: technology in use, integration of design and use, user participation in design, exploratory design activities, and inter-disciplinary approaches to HCI (...) The main theme for the conference is “Changing roles”. We currently see a reshaping of almost every aspect of society, which is caused by the forces of globalization and new technology. Do we need to change our roles as developers, researchers and designers? How can we maintain focus on the user in this ever changing environment? Will the role of HCI change?

Why do I blog this? let's consider a paper for this conference, I like the nordic approach to computing, the emphasis on context/usage is very relevant.