Yet another plush-based remote control

This is another plush-based remote control: Plush Toy Gestrural Interaction: Using Everyday Objects for Remote Control (by Yoshinori Kawasaki):

We plan to develop a system that allows users to control information appliances remotely in living environments using everyday objects such as plush toys. Considering the increasing number of computers embedded in living space, interaction techniques with such devices have been becoming more and more important. What is missing currently is design principles to make such information appliances usable for ordinary, non-technology oriented people in easy, joyful and attractive way. In this project, we focus on interaction technique for controlling appliances remotely. We propose gestural interaction using everyday objects. These everyday objects are familiar and attractive for ordinary people compared to special purpose devices such as remote controllers.

Why do I blog this? this seems to be a recurrent trend in HCI/remote control as I mentioned here or here. Check their video there. I like the way he shakes the plush (anyway in terms of HCI this is no big deal, this kind of controller exists for a while but the implementation is always cool to watch).