Artist Paul Cox Blog

I am a great fan of Paul Cox artistic work. His last project at the Centre Pompidou in Paris is very intriguing. What is great is that there is a blog about it, which summarizes the different steps of the project. The author's inspiration is then reflected into tons of posts with amazing pictures, thoughts and ideas. It would be great to do the same for research projects (should do that one day, or maybe this blog follows the same process). Of particular interest is the last post that shows the project badly drawn on a piece of paper and the outcome:

Why do I blog this? First because I like Paul Cox work very much. Second because this blog, which summarizes all the thoughts/ideas/examples/picture of the creative process that led to his work is really compelling; perhaps it's even more interesting than the art project itself (and it is, it might be one of the reason the author put this on the web).