French book about innovation

"Objectif Innovation : Stratégies pour construire l'entreprise innovante" (Jean-Yves Prax, Bernard Buisson, Philippe Silberzahn)

A great book (in french) about the concept of 'innovation' which summarizes the most important (and recent) theories about it (Christensen, Moore...). It's very well presented and the approach is very pragmatic; I appreciated the part about the paths to innovation, with plenty of insighful questions to think about.

I just missed two dimensions:

  • Even though there is a part about the networked economy, I think it's too limited, the authors do not tackle that much the issues like the new way to collaborate, the open innovation model or the co-creation. For instance I miss what's in this IFTF report: Towards a literacy of cooperation
  • The forecasting + R&D dimension which is not really addressed here but the authors mentions this drawback in the introduction

Besides, the authors have a good blog here.

We will deal with these issues at our Lift conference.