Studying Technology Use in Hybrid in Hybrid and Undisciplined Place

There is currently an compelling event in Tokyo: FIELDWORK UNTETHERED: STUDYING TECHNOLOGY USE IN HYBRID AND UNDISCIPLINED PLACES (I put the emphasis on a sentence I like):

This two-day workshop will explore and document methdological frameworks and innovation in the study of portable ICTs outside of the home and workplace. A select international group of experts in the social study of mobile and portable information and communication technologies will be convened for two days of presentations, discussion and fieldwork experimentation. Researchers will be equipped with GPS enabled 3G videophones and a moblogging system in order to document their trial. Results will be published in the form of a collection of methodological essays, (...) In social research of mobility and portable technologies, we are transitioning from an experimental stage to a stage where we can develop robust methodological frameworks and standards.

Organizers are usual suspects in the field, very relevant people with regards to the topic of the workshop: Ken Anderson (Intel Research), Jan Chipchase (Nokia), Mizuko (Mimi) Ito (Keio University and University of Southern California), Steve Love (Brunel University), Daisuke Okabe (Keio University), Mark Perry (Brunel University.

Why do I blog this? the methodologies discussed there will be of interest for our work about studying the usage of location-based technologies in urban/field settings. I am looking forward to read the results. Jan Chipcase gives some hints about the workshop on this blogpost.