Tiles that change colour depening on room temperature

Via Sensors Impact and proteinos, those amazing Chi Tiles by Eugene Low: tiles that change colour depending on the room temperature.

tiles are very static subjects. the only change it goes through is degradation through wear and tear. how often do you find yourself staring at boring tiles either in kitchens or bathrooms. whether there are motifs or plain coloured tiles, it still fails to gather a long second or third glance. i believe i can bring tiles to life by giving it a thermochromic treatment to it. Tiles that change colour in different temperature controlled environment. An air-conditioned will have different colours than a well heated room. it gives a 'chi' and 'aura' feel to the ambient and any other objects/person creating 'a colour transition'. tiles can also change colour due to interaction; touching/rubbing tiles or even by breathing on it would change its colour from say blue to orange/red. the thermochromic colours are pretty much instant and obvious. if a kettle goes off on the stove, the tiles behind it would start to change illustrating a red/orange/yellow steam pattern. '+' shaped tiles are made up of '5 perfect square' tiles to speed up installation and also ease up on storage space.

...just find it nice...