More about the tech conference we organize

As already mentioned here last monday, Laurent, myself and others are working on a Lift (Lift06). There will be plenty of interesting persons like Cory Doctorow (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Robert Scoble (Microsoft), Euan Semple (BBC), Xavier Comtesse (Avenir Suisse), Régine Debatty (WMMNA), Jeffrey Huang (Harvard), Matt Jones (Nokia), Pierre Carde (Lyon Game), Chris Lawer (OMC Group), Stefana Broadbent (Swisscom Innovation), Michel Jaccard, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal (23), Stefano Mastrogiacomo, Emmanuelle Richard, David Galipeau (UNAIDS), Aymeric Sallin (Nano Dimension), Paul Oberson (DIP/CICR), Jean-Luc Raymond (Microsoft), Pierre Dillenbourg (EPFL). And even though Regine did not mention it, she will give us a talk ;)

The point of this event is that there is a need in Switzerland/Europe for events that addresses technology usage from different points of view: business, research, geeky. We wants this to be a forum in which people could meet each other to be aware of what's going on in the field of emergent technologies used in various domains (humanitarian/NGO, interactive art, e-learning, web, security...).

Today we had different meetings about it with a swiss think tank + local online news website + a local newspaper that we want to be a partner for the events. The communication is starting smoothly