An impressive mecha

This mecha is very impressive, it's taken from the last issue of IEEE Spectrum in which there is an article about the rise of exo-skeletons:

The colossal, 5.5-meter-high, 1360-kilogram Mecha exoskeleton sits in Carlos Owens's backyard in Wasilla, Alaska, its legs locked into position to prevent the hydraulic fluid that helps move the monster's limbs from losing all pressure. Powered by an 18-horsepower (13.4-kilowatt) Briggs & Stratton engine, Mecha cost Owens US $25 000 and took about a year and a half to build. This past May, Owens climbed into the pilot seat and took Mecha for its first walk: half a dozen steps, each measuring about 20 centimeters.

There is also a website about this project with some video footage.