On-going Research goals

"On-going goals" at the lab:

  • finish the PhD in one year then I need to refine my model of location-awareness and coordination + a second experiment with the structured tool usage to validate the model
  • current papers to write: one for COOP 2006 about the drawback of automatic location-awareness for collaboration and another one for LoCa about the fact that awareness information needed to be matched to specific task needs in catchbob phases. It's going to be hard to write those two papers at the same time. Besides, the conference will be at the same period!
  • a paper for CSCW 2006 about some side-question in CatchBob (fabien's concern!)??
  • complete review about XXXXXX (confidential becasue private study) + figure out some needs for a study
  • review some research proposals
  • finish writing the literature review about coordination and mutual modeling (Clark's theory, Sperber and Wilson's theory + Malone and Crowston)
  • finish writing the literature review about location awareness and collaboration/socio-cognitive processes impacts
  • ...