Giger's Alien should be removed from the outside of his museum

I just saw that Giger's Alien model must be removed from the outside of a museum of his work in Gruyère, Switzerland (in Ananova):

Councillors in Gruyeres, Switzerland, decided the mucus-dripping monster was not a good advert for the tourist town's image. Local artist H R Giger, who designed the aliens for all four sci-fi horror films, put the creature up on a wall outside the museum to attract visitors. Gruyeres mayor Christian Bussard said: "The council is not harassing an internationally recognised artist and we agree his work is of superior quality, if not to everyone's taste. "We like him and want him to stay. It's just that sometimes you need to put him back on the right track." Giger said: "I need this type of sculpture to be outside so visitors will stop and look and then maybe come into the museum."

Here it is (one month ago when I visited the place): giger_alien