Record tracking data from your bluetooth GPS receiver

GETrack is a pertinent application that allows you to "record tracking data from your bluetooth GPS receiver and send the track via bluetooth to your PC for direct use with "Google Earth.":

The tracking data is ready to be used with "Google Earth". These files can then be sent by email to your friends or put them on your website.

On the PC side you only need a bluetooth dongle and the ability to receive files from your phone.

You can choose a logging interval from 5,10,20,30,60 and 300 seconds which covers driving speeds by car and bike and is also suitable for hiking tours.

You can choose to send a file in plain Google Earth format, extended Google Earth format including automatic waypoints including altitude, driving speed and time/date and CSV (Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice) format. Compatible with Series 60 devices (6600 FW 4.09.1 and better and later models).