Journal of HCI CFP: In-Use, In-Situ: Extending Field Research Methods

A call for paper that seems to be relevant for our research domain at the lab: In-Use, In-Situ: Extending Field Research Methods – Special Issue of the International Journal of Human Computer Interaction. Submission deadline: 10 February 2006

Human-technology evaluation paradigms differ substantially as to whether, for example, they employ high fidelity scenarios and real users, or whether technologies are instead evaluated "analytically" by non-experts. These different evaluations usually happen before the artefacts are introduced into the "real" world, and then often that is also where evaluation ceases. This seems a serious limitation, missing an opportunity to understand and evaluate how designed artefacts actually function when used in the intended context such as a complex critical workplaces or a domestic, leisure-focused settings. Such contexts, where novel technologies meet complex activity, present new challenges in anticipating how technology will be used in practice. Evaluation and re-design should be underpinned by an understanding of what do people do with the technology and how they adapt it or accommodate it into their work practices to make the technology work or work better for them.

What is the state of the art in the methods and techniques available for such evaluations? And perhaps more interestingly, what can or has been done to advance the state of research and evaluation paradigms for studying the cognitive, social and cultural impact of technology that is in-use and in-situ? This special issue invites papers that explore the state of the art in field research, experimental work, and other methods and concepts relevant to designing and evaluating technology ‘in-use, in-situ’. The aim of the issue is to identify gaps and problems for the development of evaluation and design methodology. Researchers from domains spanning the social and computing sciences, engineering, design, humanities, sciences, are encouraged share their experiences and perspectives, and reflect on the fundamentals of complex socio-technical systems and human-centred technology.

For details of how to submit see here.

Why do I blog this? this is the kind of journal paper we may work on, since we're using field studies to investigate various context-aware research projects.