DIY Bluetooth Glove

Farting around the web, looking for bluetooth clothes and gear, I ran across what this Jason Bradbury guy did. He seems to be one these cool DIY hackers who designer intriguing things. His bluetooth glove is pretty neat:

Made from a reconstituted Bluetooth headset and a gentleman's driving glove (well it had to be didn't it?) my phone glove will connect to any mobile phone that has Bluetooth. No wires, no plugs. With your phone stashed out of sight you can make and receive calls with your thumb as the speaker and little finger as mic.

I sandwiched the switch that came with the original Bluetooth headset between two small pieces of transparent plastic and heat sealed them together. Placed inside the glove's open knuckle the switch is activated by me flexing my wrist. With a flick of the wrist I can answer an incoming call; with two flicks re-dial the last number. And by holding it open (a mere extended kink of the wrist) I can voice dial.

<img src="" width="180"