Call for project presentations

In the LIFT conference , aside talks and keynote presentation, we are organizing a specific moment devoted for projects presentation. The format will be simple: presenters will have 15minutes to describe the project (there will be 4 projects = 1 hour). After this quick review, there is going to be a break in which we will set dedicated rooms wherepeople are invited to come over and ask questions/discuss about it. This is a tremendous opportunity to get some insightful feedback from people with various background and expertise.

We are looking for 2 projects that would meet this constraints:

  • technological and user-oriented (architecture, web, interactive art, ubiquitous computing, open source platforms...).
  • original and innovative (nobody wants to listen to presenterrs who reinvented the wheel). So please no 'rate this restaurant on a mobile phone' or 'social software for cheese eaters' will be accepted!
  • it should not be marketing gig nor an elevator pitch, we are not VCs, we want a relevant account of how your project might be used (scenario-based approach for instance), what can it shows or what needs it may fulfill.
  • at least at the prototype level so that attendees could see what is.

Please send your proposal to lift06 (at) gmail (dot) com before december 15th.

The editorial board will review them and get back to you.