Another 'capture the flag' pervasive game

During his visit in his almost-homeland country, Mauro saw this pervasive game he point us to: Capture The Flag. It's done by Jani Toilonen and Heikki Tolonen from the MediaTeam in the university of Oulu:

Capture the Flag game is played in teams. The idea is to capture and defend virtual flag zones. Game is played with a mobile handheld device, in which player’s position and the flag zones are shown on the screen. Cooperation within a team is emphasized: players are forced to play as a team. Capturing flags is much faster, when it´s done as a team, but also flags situated nearby have effects. Players must also pay attention to the flags positions in their strategy and their affect to the game itself.

The game was tested on 12 - 16 May 2005 at the University of Oulu with some about thirty students.

The game can be played with Fujitsu LOOX610 PDA and other handheld devices including an Internet connection and a compatible browser. Game utilizes positioning technology developed by Ekahau Ltd. Positioning in the University of Oulu wireless local area network operates on excellent level. Capture the Flag game is an application for leisure time encouraging players to move around and spend time with other players.

Why do I blog this? Thought the game motivation is a bit frightening in terms of social meaning, it's another interesting example of 'capture the flag'-related pervasive game. I'd like to see some screenshots and more importantly users' account/study of the game usage.

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