SCOOT: Location-Based Games as a creative tool for reviving local participation in urban environments.

Another location-based game called Scoot:

SCOOT is a mixed reality experience designed to explore the potentials of a relatively new(ish) form of game design, location-based games (LBGs), that employ the web and mobile devices as tools of play. SCOOT is set in both the physical world and a virtual facsimile of the site situated online. Players are challenged to find and solve clues in BOTH worlds in order to reveal the dynamics of the site and progress in the game. SCOOT also exploits known tropes from treasure hunt and puzzle games in the real world, supported by online navigation and communication.

There were two iterations of the game in Brisbane and Melbourne. It's part of the project "Lesser-known Worlds" carried out by newish media (mainly Deb Polson and Marcos Caceres).