Play Counterstrike while running

Gamerunner = playing a first-person shooter while running:

The GameRunner (patent pending) is an innovative new game controller that fuses the technologies of exercise and video gaming.

There has never been a better way to play First Person Shooters like there is with the GameRunner. The GameRunner brings players one step closer to actually being inside the game. We've worked hard to design a controller that is not only intuitive and easy to learn but is also capable of delivering a fresh breath of life into the overall immersiveness of first person shooters. Naturally this makes playing games on the GameRunner beneficial to your heath by burning calories and keeping your heart rate up.

When you get on the GameRunner you won't want to get off (unless you need to catch your breath!). Playing on the GameRunner allows you to exercise while having all the fun of playing your favorite FPS. Exercising has never been more fun!

duuh?! what a weird reason to play... The interface is pretty intriguing:

The GameRunner plugs in to your USB port and functions as a keyboard and mouse. The entire unit draws all the power it needs through USB. Aiming with the handlebars controls the mouse and walking on the treadmill controls the keyboard. Righthand controller buttons are designated as mouse buttons and lefthand controller buttons are designated keyboard buttons. Treadmill motion is measured optically and movement keys follow internal 'steps' that the GameRunner sees with treadmill motion to allow for the ingame movement speed to correspond with treadmill speed

Shown at Next2005.