Scientists, please share your data!

A step towards publication-sharing: scientists must embrace a culture of sharing and rethink their vision of databases, a great article in Nature. I fully conccur with the vision presented here. The point is that research can be empowered by webservices in multiple ways. This idea is well described with this excerpts:

Web tools now allow data sharing and informal debate to take place alongside published papers. But to take full advantage, scientists must embrace a culture of sharing and rethink their vision of databases.

Upload and share your raw data, and have a high impact factor for your blog — or perish? That day has not yet come, but web technologies, from personal publishing tools such as blogs to electronic laboratory notebooks, are pushing the character of the web from that of a large library towards providing a user-driven collaborative workspace

Why do I blog this? This shows that a revolution is happening: from publication to data-sharing, the scientific practices can be fully reshaped to be more efficient, less lab-centered and is based on 'networked collaboration' ideas. Of course there are some limits:

As web services empower researchers, the biggest obstacle to fulfilling such visions will be cultural. Scientific competitiveness will always be with us. But developing meaningful credit for those who share their data is essential, to encourage the diversity of means by which researchers can now contribute to the global academy.