Video Game settings

(Via trendwatching) For people interested in what setting video game users are playing, there is this interesting resource that shows plenty of video games-related pictures: The best are the video game settings:

Why do I blog this? when studying how people use video games, I've always found the game settings interesting and relevant: how people seat, which artefacts do they use (apart from the game pad, like notes on paper, a music player, a cell phone to communicate with remote players or just to chat...), whether there are friend or co-players (co-present person who has not the pad but help the main player completing the game...).

This is of particular interest, especially when doing 'user experience' research of mobile applications like location-based games or mobile game. Look for instance at this picture I took last week in Japan, it's a group of kids all participating in playing a DS game.

I do think there is a lot to learn of studying such settings and all the interactions that occur between participants/artefacts.