Video games and libraries symposium

What an interesting connection: gaming in libraries is a symposium about gaming, learning and libraries:

This exciting two-day event will bring together librarians, researchers, and educators from around the country to learn about and discuss the potential of and the issues related to the video-gaming generation and the use of gaming in public, academic, and school libraries. In particular we will focus on the learning aspect of gaming and how libraries can capitalize on it.

Les Gasser's talk seems to be compelling:

Both the content and the cultural roles of libraries are being re-stimulated by new media, new online cultural forms, and new trends in information economics. We'll look into how games, gamers, and game cultures provide a fascinating window on these provocations, and illustrate many of the challenges and opportunities emerging in a new landscape for libraries.

Constance Steinkuehler's talk about "The Gaming Generation and Libraries: Intersections", Beth Gallaway's "What Libraries Can Do for Gamers Other than Programming", or George Needham's "What Can Librarians Learn from Gamers?" seems also relevant to my interests. I hope there will be some proceedings.