Another cool project developed at the Georgia Tech Mobile Technologies Group: Telegotchi

Telegotchi is an electronic pet based game for your mobile device. However, unlike tradition e-pet games, the emotional state of your pet is linked to the physiological state of other players. There are two types of players in this game, ``Pets'' and ``Adopters''. Pets wear a small, wireless sensor that measure physical/physiological responses and have a corresponding e-pet persona. Adopters are the caregivers for the e-pets. An e-pet personality is based on the stress and activity levels of the corresponding pet player. Adopters can interact with their e-pet in one of two ways: (1) SMS with the pet player directly; (2) interact with e-pet within your mobile device (allowing the pet player to influence the e-pet persona, but not be directly involved in the adopters game). Adopters should play with their e-pet when it is bored, tell the e-pet jokes when it is sad, and take the e-pet for walks when it is feeling lazy. At the end of the day, Adopters can rate how they like their e-pet, and have the option to exchange them for a new e-pet. Likewise, interactive pets can rate their owner and have the option to stay with them or run away. Thus, players can compete to be the most loved pet and/or adopter.