Trip Hawkins about mobile games

Via Stowe Boyd, this article in USA Today about the social side of video games. It's actually about Trips Hawkin's new company Digital Chocolate.

Hawkins started to feel that something about video games was lacking. (...) And that's connection and community. People want to go to Super Bowl parties or interact while playing fantasy football, Hawkins concludes. Fidelity is important to an elite segment of the market, but social connection is important to just about everyone. (...) That's Hawkins' epiphany: If you're going to make games, make them social and mobile. (...) Neither game tries to use all of a cellphone's processing power. The graphics are minimal. The allure is in the social connection, Hawkins says, not the on-screen experience

Why do I blog this? I think he definitely gets the point: not having super high-tech features (like 3D on mobile phones) but focusing on specific needs/human beings characteristics (social aspects) to design games on cell phones. I also have the same feeling, espeically when reading this paper about Neopets