Amnesty International and Web2.0

One of the project we selected for LIFT is carried out by Amnesty International and is called "web2.0 mashups and human rights".

Internet strategists from Amnesty International will present project proposals based on web2.0 principles.

The basic idea is innovation in assembly, using RSS to mashup existing web2.0 services (such as mapping) with Amnesty data (for example, information on people disappeared during the 'War on Terror'). Making this part of an architecture of participation should allow activists and volunteers to add value to the result and also to generate project communities.

Working from a swift overview of web2.0 examples, this presentation aims at stimulating discussion of concrete projects that apply the potential of new wave internet developments for direct human rights and social impact.

Why do I blog this? I think it's interesting to see what NGOs like Amnesty can do with Web2.0 concepts and how it can help them to meet their needs.