Wearable computing and Mobile computing convergence

Via Roland's sunday trend: What Would You Do with a Wearable Computer? By Mark Long.Here is a summary of the pertinent statements the article presents:

  • "Although we've been talking about wearable computing for a decade, it is only now that the general public gets what that is, there's still a long way to go before the technology is embedded right into our garments." (Michael Sung)
  • "we could start taking steps in the right direction by putting advanced technology in the electronics devices that people are actually willing to carry for extended periods, such as cell phones or wrist watches."(Michael Sung)
  • "The whole wearable-computing space is folding into the mobile-computing environment these days, and it is becoming tough to draw any lines of distinction between the two" (Bruce Lambert)
  • "Early efforts to introduce wearable computers failed because of what used to be perceived as the inherent "dork factor,", "When you used to see a person talking to himself while walking down the street, you'd have thought he was crazy. But with Bluetooth headsets and other wireless technologies so prevalent today, we now see this type of activity as normal" (Stephen Glaser)

Although there are some issues I don't agree with ("We see the biggest market growth coming from people having video streamed to a cell phone," ) the article gives a good picture of how computing is now pervasive.