Ludocraft: a relevant finnish lab

Ludocraft is an interesting finnish lab (Department of Information Processing Science, University of Oulu):

LudoCraft studies games and applies the theoretical knowledge into game design. The approach combines theoretical, technical and artistic expertise in serving both the academic and the practitioner communities. The mission of LudoCraft is to distribute the knowledge of analytical gamers and game designers for the benefit of wider audience.

Ludo - Theories of game and play Craft - Art of game design and development

LudoCraft = The Art of Designing and Creating Games and Play

LudoCraft is a flexible research unit with skills to study, invent and apply theoretical and empirical knowledge of games and game-like virtual environments. LudoCraft specialises in research, design, teaching and consultancy in three main areas: game design, game palying, game analysis

It's lead by researcher Tony Manninen who is doing a great job leading this.

Why do I blog this? I like what Tony Manninen wrote, especially about his analysis of first-person shooters. Check their publications! The approach of conducting research projects about video games to create a body of knowledge so that game designers could improve the way they create game is a topic of interest to me...