Another Furby hacking is into Furby hacking! Here is his research agenda with this marvelous toy:

The coolest thing I saw once I opened up Furby was that the board designers were nice enough to leave nice large pads for the RSC-4128 diagnostic interface, which hopefully should allow programming of the Furby. I am not sure, but I think the diagnostic port is a serial interface. I have ordered the development kit from Sensory Inc, and I'm sure this will help answer some of my questions. If I do end up being able to alter the programming / data on the Furby here are some things I plan on doing:

Give Furby a more colorful vocabulary Teach Furby some tasteless jokes Change Furby's voice tone to be less cute and more evil Give Furby a funny accent and maybe a lisp and a twitch Hook up some of the unused I/O ports to control other things (the chips has 24 I/O ports with 10mA outputs) Expand Furby's memory Utilize the voice recording function of the RSC-4128 Make Furby a voice controlled DTMF dialer Utilize the MIDI synth contained in the RSC-4128

Here is what I plan on doing even if I can change the code or data:

Add nicer switches to the make the Skeletal Furby easier to Pet Feed Tickle Turn off LEDs that light up when Furby moves Volume control for the speaker Put the Furby head on a Robosapien body