New micro-dwelling

The manual for micro-dwelling shows interesting new micro-dwelling development:

MICRO DWELLINGS is a system for making low cost dwellings of variable sizes for any number of persons. It consists of movable housing modules that can form different configurations on land, on water and under water. The system allows for a diversity of materials as well as changes and adaptations. The MICRO DWELLINGS are modular, can be scaled up and down, and expand and grow together with other systems into small communities. (...) An energy unit could be hooked on to the MICRO DWELLINGS, consisting of for example micro-windmills, solar panels and solar heat systems, heat pumps etc. (...) The MICRO DWELLINGS can be built onto rooftops of existing buildings or be suspended from a bridge or a wall.

Why do I blog this? I like the last point: living above a bridge... that sounds so William Gibson.