Nabztag hack

Just ran across this small hack of the WiFi rabbit Nabaztag: Nabaztag clapier (in french a clapier is a rabbit house) by Jean-Grégoire Foulon and others. From what they say, it filters some of the data that Nabaztag receives from the manufacturer's website. It can also replace, allowing the rabbit to work whithout any internet access.

For the moment this is pure geek software in alpha version. It allows you to use the Nabaztag for some other purpose than it was designed for. In the next versions it will be more user friendly and implement useful functions for non technical users. For example, you may have the possibility to use leds to monitor otherthings than the weathercast and the number of mail received, such as your download rate on P2P software or the number of online buddies on your IM client.

I can be downloaded here.

I also like their page "look at Nabaztag from the inside":

Why do I blog this? following what toys hacker is a good way to see some future ideas in the field of interactive toys!

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