Locatis: swiss company / dog tracker

Locatis is an interesting swiss company working in the field of geolocation and mobile devices.

Locatis SA, which was founded in 2005, is a company active in geo-localisation technologies.

We can help you to develop the specifications manual of the product you wish to put on the market.

In work of this kind, Locatis will be responsible for all the necessary stages of electronic design, design and CAO modelling, electronic and plastic prototyping, programming, industrialisation, tests and production up to completion of the final product.

Their first product is:

The PB 100 is a geo-localisation search device combining GPS and GSM technologies, especially developed to track dogs. This new product on the Swiss market is a true wonder of innovative technology that nonetheless remains easy to use.

By fixing the PB100 device on your dog’s collar, you can now feel totally at ease. Thanks to the PB100 and its corresponding search platform, if your dog runs away it could be localised in a matter of seconds.

Searches of this kind can be made via Internet, SMS, or by telephone.