TOBIDAC!D: Foldable stereoscopic viewer for PSP

Via Scott Fisher, a stereoscopic viewer for PSP (meant to be used with Metal Gear Solid Ac!d 2:

It’s a 3D image viewing system that comes packaged with AC!D2. It goes beyond pseudo-3D images of polygon games to generate solid three-dimensional graphics. Just place SOL!D EYE TOBIDAC!D over the LCD screen on your PSP and see Snake and Venus standing right in front of you, as if you could reach out and touch them. SOL!D EYE TOBIDAC!D delivers a phantasmal experience by taking 3D games to a whole new dimension. And it’s only available with AC!D2!

Some review of it in this blog:

It took a while to perfectly assemble it (which was scary because you only get one and a rip is all it takes.) but after a bit of origami and instruction reading I had it together and strapped it over my psp. for those of you who will download this game, youre missing out. this is definatly worth the $40 I paid for it. using Tobidacid text and stats float off the screen. There is depth between characters in the foreground and background, and all of the explosions and gunfire look unbelievable! also you can watch movies from MGS3 in 3D which is insane!

Why do I blog this? I am fascinated by such Do It Yourself modifications of artifacts to reshape a certain experience (the gaming experience in this case). In addition, the fact that it uses cheap material is impressive.

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