Location-Based Marketing Issues

Russell Buckley sunday post is of great interest for people who are wondering whether location-based marketing might work. For him, the most important question (presented after an insightful chain of arguments) is:

So, in fact, the really important question when studying LBM, the-answer-to-life-death-and-the-universe question of the subject, is: what kind of marketing messages should you say you’re going to send that will attract opt-in in the first place, that recipients will welcome and that they’ll respond to? In other words, what kind of messages will work? Knowing what the user wants is key to both opt-in in the first place and subsequently, optimising the channel’s effectiveness.

Stay tuned for the part 2 of his post!

Why do I blog this? if we extend our landscape to location-based messages (or place-based annotations or...), what would be the corresponding issue interaction designers would have to adress?