Pigeons that blog

Food for thoughts for the workshop about "blogjects" and the internet of things, these pigeons bloggers are curious. I think I saw it already at Regine's place but Julian reminded me of this because it's close to the blogject idea. It's a project by Beatriz Da Costa:

PIGEONBLOG provides an alternative participatory way to environmental air pollution data gathering. It equips Urban Homing Pigeons with GPS enabled electronic air pollution sensing devices, capable of sending location based air pollution data as well as images to an online Mapping/Blogging Environment in real time. (...) PigeonBlog uses a combination of Siemens' XT 56 miniature GPS/GSM unit, an electronic automotive CO and NOx sensing unit and the Atmel AVR microprocessor. Detailed tech and datasheet information is forthcoming on this site.

However, in addition to being used for PigeonBlog, Cina Hazegh is currently working on broadening this platform towards a more general Open Source Hardware cell phone project. (...) Pigeons releases will occur once a day throughout the duration of the festival on the ISEA premises. Release location: ClockTower in San Jose. The first release will take place during the opening ceremony of the festival on tuesday evening. Additional "White Dove" releases are planned at strategic high pollutant areas within the San Jose region. Exact locations are to be determined.