Bruce Sterling at LIFT06 + Blogject Workshop

Well it seems the whole lift06 conference is doing fine. I am very happy of Bruce Sterling's keynote about spimes and the new ecology of things. The reason why I say so is because it really wrap up in a very down-to-earth idea what we - as lab researchers - might are expecting. The spime concept as he expressed can be described by 6 things:

  1. interactive chips, objects can be labelled with unique identity
  2. local and precise positioning systems
  3. powerful search engines
  4. 3d virtual models of objects
  5. rapid prototyping of objects
  6. cradle to cradle recycling

Bruce elaborated on these concepts and how they would foster innovations AND problems. What was great was the way he articulated this to the novel he is currently writing.

And since the community (researchers, designers, foresight people...) is arguing about 'disambiguating (or not disambiguating) the current terminology, what Bruce put together was very relevant, commenting on expressions like 'everyware', "ubicomp", "infocloud" (yes but only if the cloud give birth to the objects...), "storytelling"...

Now, with regard to the blogject workshop we had yesterday (I'll transcript my notes later on, it was really interesting and lots of issues has been raised, thanks people!), Bruce Sterling commented on what we discussed: instead of having objects that produces some content, wouldn't it be - instead - the object that may be produced by the content?? (the infocloud?).

I also appreciated the most important question behind this: "why the hell would we need spimes?", his answer is that it may eventually lead (and hopefully for us) to a sustainable world (and from I discussed with his wife, it could also leads to some minorities emancipation).