Ubiquitous Computing and RSS

In his post entitled "grazing", Danny Ayers shows a comment by James Corbett who claims that ubiquitous computing might rely on a RSS infrastructure with regards to information flows:

As Zigbee sensors, RFID chips and GPS trackers proliferate we’ll be drowing in an RSS-everywhere world if we don’t change our approach.

We don’t subscribe to all the sensory feed in physical world, we sample, nibble, taste, glance. Taskable and OPod (and whatever Kosso’s working on) are first generation “Feed Grazers” IMHO. They allow you to graze feeds without ever subscribing. All we need is for static OPML directories to proliferate and for OPML search engine

Why do I blog this? "reading" information from physical objects/building/moving artifacts (self or others) might be the future in the expected 'ecology of things', will RSS be a way to provide us with those information? well it could be: you can get weather forecast for instance, why not the state information about the room I will teach in tomorrow (the building is full of sensors and provide some information about temperature for instance)...