The Orb: Passive Stumbling and Information Awareness

Hector Jaime from Restate Media pointed me on their project called The Orb, which is a wireless network stumbling platform. They describe the purposes of stumbling as:

  • we could make out of the information visualisation. all those nice net art pictures or fancy colours making up forms.
  • [people] could also be aware of the amount of information travelling around and on which directions, with this information we acquire the generation of an urban understanding of the nature of the regional digital information, its flows, density reach and quality along with consuming habits of small regions and communities. in short we can profile the information flows
  • Publishing localised information of near information access points permits citizens to gain awareness of places to access relevant information within their local context, activating in such ways new information flows there for common localised knowledge.
  • Social Information Awareness
  • Identify Knowledge Sources

Why do I blog this? I would say that I am more interested in the visualization of information flows, perhaps this is due to my curiosity towards the overlay of virtual layer on top of the virtual world (and the fact that I am not so confident in using this raise social information awareness).