Moving Pictures: tangible manipulation of videos

Moving Picture is a project by Cati Vaucelle and others at the MIT Media Lab, Media Fabrics group.

Moving pictures: Looking Out/Looking In is a robust, tangible, multi-user system that invites young users to create, explore, manipulate and share video content with others. The Moving Pictures concept consists of a video station containing a set of two cameras, a number of tokens, a screen and an interactive table. Moving Pictures enables a meaningful, spontaneous and collaborative approach to video creation, selection and sequencing. The station supports multiple input devices and group interaction, encouraging collaborative creation.


We look at how pre-teenagers learn cinematic language, (reverse, reaction, different shots, notions of space and time) and we focus on the issues that resulted in the design: how do pre-teenagers cut a movie so that the audience thinks there is temporal continuity or so the audience is conscious of a jump in time spatial- how do pre-teenagers cut a movie so that the audience gets a strong sense of the arrangement of 3d space temporal and spatial - how do pre-teenagers match cuts in a movie (an action happens and they cut to another view right in the middle)