Gameplay ideas for the new nintendo console controller

Gamasutra has a good post about the mysterious question : "What genres and types of games do you think will be most suited to the recently revealed Revolution controller?. There are some interesting ideas developers came up:

I thought up ideas like kayaking and being a matador as a joke, but I then realized that I would love those games! -Jeff Bridges, WALB-TV

My big fear is that the Revolution is going to over-popularize shallow physical gaming such that everyone starts doing it and suddenly cooking simulators and orchestra-conducting games are going to be popping up on all formats. -Tadhg Kelly, Lionhead

To me, the promise of the new controller is that it allows new types of games. The question that should be asked is not "How can we do what we've been doing on this controller?" but rather "What does this controller allow that was not possible or not elegant previously?" -Johnnemann Nordhagen, SCEA

The Revolution is likely to become the premier platform for most kinds of avatar-oriented games (first-person, third-person action vs. more abstract genres) because of the detail and immediacy that the wireless controller brings to these kinds of games. Actions like firing guns and swinging swords are fundamentally more complex than what we can represent with our traditional controllers. I would say the interesting part is not what new genres will come about, but how most existing genres will be transformed by this. -James Hofmann

Two words: Light Saber. -Anonymous

Why do I blog this? There is a nice pattern in the answers, oscillating between creating new gameplay or incorporating new ways of interacting in previous games (Duck Hunt, RTS, FPS...). In this context, my favorite is certainly:

I believe that the Revolution controller will not only forever change the way people interact with their gaming consoles, but also the way people interact with every electronic device: say goodbye to mice as we know them… goodbye to infrared television remotes. -Oscar Wojciechowski-Prill, Gerson Lehrman Group

But I don't know whether this might or might not set a standard in tangible computing. This kind of preview is interesting but I am also wondering about the factors that would developers NOT use it (pressure from the marketing department that would like more "normal" gameplay...)