Sound and Ceramics: 6500 y.o voices recorded in pottery? (april joke in 2005)

(Update: Thanks cb for telling me that this is really an april joke) Via, this 2005 april joke news (though I did not manage to find any other references about it). As the blog mentions:

Researchers from Belgium have been able to extract voices and sounds from a pottery that is 6,500 year old. The person making the pottery at the time was using something very sensible to vibrations which recorded the sound vibrations on the pottery. This amazing video is in French so I hope you will not mind. However at the end of the video there is a recording shown and you can hear somebody laughing from 6,500 years ago.

The group of is led by belgian researcher Philippe Delaite. Check the video on youtube (in french though).

BUT, after a quick scan in some scientific articles, it seems that other persons are working on that issue: Bart Lynch for instance:

In architecture, natural harmonies occur in Renaissance structures. Harmonic relations of form and space were often based on the golden section and the ratios therein. These same ratios occur in the growth patterns of flowers, fish and other components of nature. I am currently concerned with understanding why these ratios occur and why they are pleasing to us.

I have been translating sounds into three-dimensional pottery using several computer programs in order to see if pleasing sounds make pleasing pottery and vice versa. Using the sound program Sound Edit Pro, I can get a visual representation of a sound that is time dependent. That visual is saved as a picture and imported to the program Swivel 3D where the sound form can be lathed to resemble pottery and used as a template to create actual ceramic works. Using these programs, I have also been animating the figures so that the pottery forms on the computer screen dialogue with the sounds that created them. I see these processes as data-gathering exercises that help me to understand the nature of the harmonic relations so that I will be able to use them more effectively in the future.

Why do I blog this? ... curious sunday browsing found... but it's unfortunately not a real thing ;) a good fake project for regine's collection!