Nokia and the future of gaming

A gamasutra news deals with the future of gaming according to Nokia (Jani Karlsson). It addresses the n-gage experience and what they learnt form it.

The basic learning is that experience is everything. Experience is the key. Not features for features sake, not power for power's sake - but always leading with the experience, with what the user actually wants and enjoys. (...) GS: So… you can talk about the future of N-Gage?

JK: Sure - that's all about expansion, into the smartphone areas.

GS: So, there'll be an N-Gage smartphone?

JK: I wouldn't go that far. There's going to be a platform. There hasn't been a brand announcement of yet. (...) I think our responsibility is two-fold. One is to enable the content industry in exploiting the mobile market as effectively as they can. On the other hand, being the leader in our field we need to lead by example - By focusing on the areas that may not make the most financial sense at the moment, but are essential for the evolution of mobile gaming and entertainment.

Richer content convergence in games versus other interactive entertainment - tied in with the community features. (...) [About innovation related to peripherals:] we are always looking for new innovations in the design side. Like the N Series devices are utilizing the video capabilities, and the N91 is really simplifying the music experience. So I can definitely see possibilities where there are more gaming orientated devices (...) Do you think mobile phone games exist in a different consumer cultural space, and if so, do you think that gap is going to continue to exist?

JK: I would say that the gap is both closing and widening at the same time. The performance power of the soon to market devices is really catching up on the console performance. But at the same time, the expansion of the user experience means we need to cater for the current mobile gamer being really light content. That content would really look out of place on a PSP - but on a mobile phone, the quick fix is totally viable.

Why do I blog this? this interview gives some interesting highlights about how Nokia people sees the mobile game future: platform convergence (smartphones), cultural and market convergence (the mobile game industry catches up the console game industry, eventually...), new input/output capabilities (related to music interface for instance)...