Some Xslab projects

At XSlabs they seem to do interesting things: soundSleeves is a project by Vincent Leclerc & Joey Berzowska:

These sleeves are sensitive to physical contacts. When users flex or cross their arms, a sound is synthesized within the sleeves and output through miniature flat speakers. The idea is pretty straightforward: using very simple elements (metallic organza and conductive yarns) we created a flex and touch sensor made of hundreds of switches.

And of course, related to the blogject idea (and one of the project we discussed during the workshop) there is this Memory Rich Clothing: Garments that Display their History of Use.

Physical objects become worn over time. A worn object carries the evidence of our identity and our history. Digital technologies allow us to shape and edit that evidence to reflect more subtle, or more poetic, aspects of our identity and our history. This project focuses on the research and development of reactive garments that will display their history of use. We will employ a variety of input and output methodologies to sense and display traces of physical memory on clothing. (...) [Example: ]An Intimate Memory shirt with a very sensitive microphone in the collar and a series of light points in a flower pattern incorporated into the front of the shirt. When a friend or partner whispers something into your ear, the microphone will record this event and the lights will light up, showing that an intimate event has occurred. The number of lights indicates the intensity of the intimacy event. Over time, the lights turn off, one by one, to show how long it has been since the intimate event took place.

Why do I blog this? these tangibles interfaces are curious and interesting, I like the way technology is embedded into these common objects.