Life on cell phone?

(Via emily) The Korea Times has a good piece about researchers at Samsung electronics who want to bring cell phones to life through the use of avatars that will have the ability to think, feel, evolve, and interact with users.

The team, led by Prof. Kim Jong-hwan at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, is hooking up with Samsung to create the attention-grabbing software outfitted with ``artificial chromosomes.''

``This software can feel, think and interact with phone owners. It will breathe power into cell phones, bringing the gadgets to life,'' Kim said. (...) h's former top lieutenant Lee Kang-hee said a three-dimensional avatar will lurk inside the cell phone and adjust itself to characteristics of the cell phone carriers.

``It's just like a sophisticated creature living inside a cell phone. An owner will be allowed to set its first personality by defining the underlying DNA,'' said Lee, who will join Samsung Electronics tomorrow.

``However, it is up to the avatar how its personality develops with the owner. Its personality can get better or worse depending on how people treat it,'' he said.

Lee added folks will be able to deal with loneliness felt by the avatar, which will pop up on the phone when they feel alone, by touching a button.

Should the owner refuse to respond to the signal, the avatars will change their personalities either to express such feelings more often or just to become depressed, according to Lee.

Why do I blog this? this is very close to one of blogject scenario we thought at the workshop.