Pet master electronic guide

I am always stunned by pet technology (that's why I like petistic), there are really incredible innovation in this field. Look at this Pet Master Electronic Pet Guide:

Find out exactly what you need to know about your cat or dog, instantly—with the push of a button! Get emergency information—even on the road! Find the likely causes and treatments for common symptoms. Even get training, nutrition and exercise tips! Product Hightlights: • Includes a built-in shopping list for pet care! • Frames a photo of your pet on the back! • On the road? Find a pet-friendly motel fast! • After hours emergency? Get the location and phone number of pet clinics close to you, wherever you are in the U.S.! • In fact, get practically all the information you’ll ever need about your best friend with Excalibur’s Pet Master! • A donation is made to animal charities with the sale of each Pet Master!

Why do I blog this? even though pet tech is somehow cliché there are sometimes interesting innovative practices, which are not so far from what we with human-beings. And besides, locative/spatial issues related to pets or humans are tightly related too.