NADA: code in flash or java to control analog devices

Shown by Mike Kuniavsky at eTech yesterday: NADA:

According to a transcript of his talk:

NADA is a suite to let designers code in flash or java to control analog devices - demoing NADA * NADA component in flash * draws a circle, adds actionscript to it to respond to an old volume knob of a tv hooked up to his computer. turns the knob, circle's transparency changes. 30 secs of coding. cool. one like of AS * has an airplane force sensor configured to zoom the image, a light sensor controlling transparency, potentiometer to rotate the image. like 50 lines of code.

free version of NADA available at, tutorials also avail for those who have no flash experience (for design students) - examples in flash and java

Why do I blog this? talking with some (game) designers complaining about the lack of tool to create physical objects/prototypes, this tool seems to be a good starting point. This appears to be an interesting ubiquitous computing design tool.