Upcoming events this week-end

Tomorrow and sunday, I'll be at the Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture in the Netherlands. I am going to present the scenarios we discussed at the LIFT workshop about blogjects/. Here is a description of the event:

Between September and December 2005 the Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture brought together a large international group of people to think about what all this means for spatial design and experience. Looking back at what we learned some underlying threads emerged. From the beginning we had only a peripheral interest in the technology itself; we proved it’s donkey stuff of which the basics you can learn yourself for cheap and without teachers. But what had our real interest was what to do with it. A room that does things for you may sound like a good idea, at least to some, but what if locks you out of the control structure in your own room: the inability to switch off the lights, say. We are not interested in silly input-output control situations of the kind architects and product designers come up with, but in rich Yeatsian entities that have their own life independent of us.

Saturday 11 March 14.00- 18.00: BOT / AIML workshop by Mario Campanella.

Sunday 12 March 14.00-19.00: Presentations by: Mirjam Struppek / Z-25 /Adam Somlai-Fischer / Pablo Miranda Carranza / Nicolas Nova / Jelle Feringa

Thanks wil for the invitation! Slides will be online soon.

And next monday, I'll be at for a workshop about foreseeing “Digital Civilizations": how the future of the digital revolution might impact social, cultural, economic spheres. Thanks Daniel! See the previous work did by this organization in this report (.pdf file 1,5 Mb).