BBC on the Future of TV

According to the Guardian, there's going to be a report about how we will watch TV in the near future, published by the BBC. Some excerpts:

The year is 2016 and Chloe is 16. (...) In Chloe's world, there are no TV listings because there are no TV schedules, and there are no TV schedules because there are no TV channels. Instead, sitting at her PC, she logs on to a website geared specifically to teenage girls. She watches programmes sold there by independent production companies, or even fellow teenagers - not broadcasting, but narrowcasting. (...) Older generations are still likely to seek the identifiable channel brands they have grown up with. (...) Digital is not a matter of choice; for every TV viewer, it will be compulsory. At present digital and analogue signals are broadcast simultaneously but gradually analogue will be switched off around the country, (...) The giants roaming the television undergrowth are anxious not to become dinosaurs...

Why do I blog this? The article asks lots of interesting questions and is well, down-to-earth compared to some crap I've read about the future of content. Still have to find the complete white paper they are mentioning.

Update: the report is here (thanks Adrian McEwen!).