Interesting political debate in France over ipod

Read in the IHT:

A bill under debate in the French National Assembly may require iPods to be able to play music purchased from competing Internet services, not just Apple Computer's own iTunes Music Store, and force changes in the business model that sparked the revolution in legal digital music downloads. (...) "Just ask my 14-year-old, who bought music from another system and cannot play it on his iPod," said Bartholomew, who added that operators would benefit if more people exchanged music over their networks. (...) "From a technical perspective, it is extremely complex to get these devices and services to speak with one another," MacGann said [director general of the European Information and Communications Technology Industry Association, a trade group in Brussels]. (...) "The only format that currently works on all these players is the MP3 format and that is 100 percent unprotected."

It so reflects the tensions between openness (reading every format on my ipod) and copyright...